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ARC Gutter Cleaning & Cover Products

10 Year No Clog Warranty

Preschedule your gutter fall cleaning now to reservere your spot!

ARC Window Cleaning & Building Maintenance, LLC consists of the same team who designed, patented, and manufactured the Premier Gutter Cover product. Premier Gutter Cover is now manufactured out of Oregon and distributed nationwide. This team, after working with many different gutter covers and gutter guard products, decided to make a gutter cover product of their own. This team designed an exceptional gutter cover that optimized on the benefits of certain gutter guards while eliminating their downfalls. With their unique design, the Premier Gutter Cover keeps debris out and allows the rain water to flow up to 6" of rain per hour. Although ARC Window Cleaning & Building Maintenance recommends the Premier Gutter Cover they will install any gutter guard available to them and carry other gutter cover products so clients can choose what they like best.

The typical Hood or Cap designs can allow high percentages of smaller debris into the gutter by the debris following the water retention around the nose and into the gutter. Under high volume of rain, hood designs can allow water to over shoot the gutter. Screens have long been proven to separate solids from liquids & handle high volumes of water, yet typical screen designs can allow debris to pass through, build upon or clog.

Premier Gutter Covers

"Not a hood ... Not a screen ... the Best of Both!"

  • Installation on ALL types of roofs, including wood, composite, slate and copper.

  • Installs on ALL new and pre-existing gutters.

  • Handles the heaviest downpours and also extends the life of your gutters.

  • Helps in protection against snow and ice damage.

  • Keeps out unwanted animals.

  • Self-cleaning.

  • Rust-free Aluminum Alloy.

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The regular price for Installation of the
Premier Gutter Cover and Free Gutter Cleaning
with the Purchase of the
Premier Gutter Cover
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Sample piece of the Premier Gutter Cover
Many colors available in powder coat finish: In stock colors are: White, Brown, Claytone, Black. Other colors may be special order. The Premier Gutter Cover also comes in Copper.

Stop climbing that ladder every year! Or paying for multiple cleanings, over and over that just add up. Eliminate clogged downspouts that cause water damage to your home! Use the Premier Gutter Cover to solve these problems once and for all!

PREMIER GUTTER COVER ... Has a strong, low profile design, which actually utilizes rainwater to self-clean the cover. The patented self cleaning design features an optimally sized & louvered expanded metal section which shields large, medium and a high percentage small debris from entering the gutter system, while still allows for maximum water flow which helps flush the gutter system. Premier Gutter Cover is unsurpassed in its versatility with roof and gutter styles, as well as its ability to handle extreme seasons and debris. The strong-attractive powder coat finish, custom color matching and sleek design blends with homes. The affordable price makes the Premier Gutter Cover –The smart choice!


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Describe Your Experience with this company:

"We were planning to replace gutters that were leaking at a seem and install gutter covers. Gary explained that our gutters were in great shape except for the one seem. He then repaired that seem. This saved us a lot of money. We are very happy to see someone be honest with us."
- William (Bill) M.

"I am very pleased with the work that was done by ARC- with no loud music, talking or smoking. ARC was very respectful of the homeowner which is very important to me. The downspouts were cleaned and gutters covers put on in about 2 hours. Everything was done as stated in the work order and scheduled for a time that was convenient for me."
- Judith D.

"Cleaned gutters, removed old protectors and installed their brand. Also repaired a problem gutter. Efficient, did a reasonable job of clean up. I now have 10-year warranty on their gutter covers keeping things clean. Good folks, easy to work with. Good customer service."
- Val A.

"The service I received was top notch. They came out same day to estimate job and after I agreed to hire they finished job professionally that day. I decided to buy their patented gutter shields, best investment yet! You can get a product of this quality and with this warranty anywhere else! I would high recommend!!"
- Kim F.

Testimonies for Premier Gutter Covers

"Bottom line is I have not had to worry about or clean my gutters since I had your covers installed. I left a gutter uncovered and now regret doing so when I have to take the time to clean it out.  Every time I have to get up there it reminds me what a luxury it is to have your gutter covers. The service was excellent. Did exactly what you said you would do when you said you would do it. Worth every penny." -Eric

 "I love these gutter guards. I have lots of pine needles and they never clog!" - Barbara
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